10 Advantages Of Elderly Home Care

Watching someone close pass through the later stages of their life is as painful as experiencing it. One often spends countless nights thinking of a solution to the problem of elderly-care giving, and with a such a delicate issue one must weight their options properly. The kind of care required by each individual is different and it is important to make the right choice. Elderly home care has recently become a very a popular option, it basically means supervising the patient in familiar surroundings of their own residence. While lower intensive programmes include a couple of visiting hours from the home care team per week, a supervising team is present at the house around the clock in higher level programmes.

Elderly Home Care

There are many benefits of elderly home care, let us discuss a few of them :

Recovery :

A stay in the hospital is not only dreaded by the majority of elderly patients but it is also harmful to their confidence. The medical questions create anxiety in the minds of your elderly relatives, the medical procedures are also very tiring. Elderly patients often complain about feeling lonely and developing a sense of detachment during their stay at the hospital. Once the patient has been released by the hospital, elderly home care can provide rehabilitation and quick recovery. The familiar surroundings provide better support in healing of the body as well as the mind.

Flexibility :

Elderly home care is an option where one can choose the level of supervision they want and everything is as per as they need them. A home care falls in the middle when compared to a care home facility and a hospital. Home care is one of the best solutions to loneliness that is often faced by elderly patients as home care provides companionship and at times there is no need for a care home facility. The familiar surroundings boost the confidence of the patients and make them independent.

Personalised Care :

This is one of the most obvious advantages of an elderly home care. The whole care system can be arranged as per the needs of the patient and he receives all the attention of the supervising team. Elderly home care recognises the fact that no two individuals share the same habit, lifestyle, situation etc and treats patient according to their needs. The home care team usually includes physicians, health aides, nurses and physiotherapists. And the team forms a relation with the patient over time which can often be advantageous for the patients suffering from chronic and long term diseases.

Elderly Home Care

Affordability :

Institutional care is an expensive affair, and though hospitals and care homes are still preferred over elderly home care, they cost a lot more and in most cases they are less effective than home care. Approximately hiring home care facilities for up to eight hours is less expensive than hospital care or other facilities. With the new pop in and pop out work structure, one can hire these facilities for the exact duration he wants.

Independence :

According to survey reports, elderly patients are afraid of losing their independence. Every small decision like going to the bathroom, taking their meals etc bugs a person who has led an independent life throughout. More than ninety percent of elderly patients want to age at their own houses, and the freedom and support they receive from their family members can help the recovery of the person.

Safety :

Though hospitals and care homes are considered secure, there lies a serious risk of the patient getting affected by infections or allergic reactions. Care homes pose the same threat and with the patient receiving even lower attention, the risk is higher. On the other hand, elderly home care is free of such risks, and while the whole team focus only on the patient, he can be monitored in a better way. A home care professional can also keep updating the environment by changing little things to make it safer for the patient.

Supports Technology :

Advancements in technology has made the home care system more robust and strong, technology and home care supports each other. The presence of the web and it’s range has made the home care system more fast and effective. Gadgets like sensors, smart pillboxes, remotes etc which can transmit health conditions of the patient directly to the doctors and even the family members. With the majority of family members living away from the patient, these modern devices let them keep a check on their loved ones.

Elderly Home Care

Quality Of Life :

By delaying hospital admittance home care extends and improves the life of an individual. With independence and focussed care, elderly home care allows patients to make their own decisions and keep charge of their lives. Elderly patients recover better in familiar surroundings and in a hospital setting. Home care eliminates stress and embarrassment from the lives of the patients and provide them with a better quality of life. Survey reports suggest patients aging in familiar surroundings are more satisfied when compared to elderly patients getting treated i other facilities.

Integrates Families :

During old age, the relation of the patient with his family becomes very important. The mental and technical supported by the family cannot be replaced by any other medication or procedures. Home care facilities regularly updates the family members about the condition of the patient and these facilities have unlimited visiting hours, These facilities reduces the burden of guilt that the family members have for not being able to care for their loved one properly

Oldest Care System :

Letting the elderly people age in their own houses is a very old tradition. The home care system is the finest and most trusted procedure of healthcare delivery all over the world. The technology available in the present world can easily facilitate modern complex procedures in the patient’s house. The home care system does not only reduce costs but improves the quality of the patient’s life.

Though the home care system is an ancient discovery, time has made it robust and strong. Though a lot more is expected from this potential system, more and more people are shifting toward this system for the advantages it provides.

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