Common Illness of The Elderly - How to Take Care

When a family member falls sick, one essential thing to do is looking for the best treatment. However, as someone ages, he or she is likely to fall sick often or develop more than one illness. In addition, an elderly person needs continuous medical attention. Actually, it is estimated that most people in Singapore who are over the age of 65 have more than one chronic conditions. Below are common types of illness elderly have and how to take care of them.

Common Illness of the Elderly

Alzheimer disease

One common condition that affects the elderly is Alzheimer. Alzheimer is the death of mind before the physical body. People suffering from Alzheimer disease lack a brain chemical that promotes brain activity. It normally affects people around the age of 75.

Alzheimer is a disease that erases memories even of familiar surroundings. Hence, apart from treatment, special care is needed.


Angina is a condition of chest pain. It occurs as a result of less blood supply to heart muscles. In most cases, coronary-artery illness causes angina. However, a person with healthy arteries can suffer angina as well. Someone suffering from angina disease experience low oxygen supply, feel weak and lacks the energy to move around.

To take care of a person suffering from angina, proper diagnosis is needed. Also, everyone in the household needs to understand how to take care of the sick person.

Bed Sores

Lying or sitting in one position for a long time can cause bed sores in elderly. Though bed sores are easier to prevent, they are not easier to treat. One common sign of bed sore is reddened part that does not go away.

After noticing you or your loved one has bed sores, you should avoid massaging or rubbing the area. It can damage the tissues.


Another common type of illness elderly have is contractures. It is deformity of the joints due to immobility. When a person sustains a long period of immobility, muscles shorten. Once the contractures progress, an individual losses movement and daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and other body care become difficult.

After the treatment, the sick person should get involved in simple works to keep the body active.

Common Illness of the Elderly


Constipation is very common among the elderly. It is straining to pass stool or visiting the toilet less than three-times a week. It is a serious condition that should be handled sooner than later.
Proper diet, drinking a lot of water and healthy drinks can reduce constipation. The elderly should also be engaged in more physical activities.


Most elderly persons do not have enough fluid in their body. This prevents their body from performing crucial and normal functions. Dehydration can also lead to constipation. It can also lead to other serious conditions or even death if not handled correctly. Drinking a lot of water and other healthy drinks can help.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Most elderly people suffer from the gastrointestinal disorder. There are several disorders that are associated with the gastrointestinal disorder that include ulcers. Happily, there are medications that can treat these conditions. However, proper care is required especially for the elderly. A proper diet is recommended for the gastrointestinal disorder.

A person suffering from gastrointestinal disorder need a lot of special care especially on the food he or she eats.


Hypertension is a common illness that mostly affects the senior citizens. It touches the vital organs such as the brain, heart and the kidney. But with proper care and the right diet, the issue is manageable.

Inactivity & immobility

Elderly people risk serious problems due to the long period of inactivity. Joint complications and body organs problems are among the serious issues caused by inactivity and immobility. Elderly people need to learn the right exercises they need, and how to do them.


80 percent of elderly people in Singapore suffer from incontinence. It is the inability to control one’s urinary functions. Individuals who are suffering from incontinence cannot reach the toilet without urinating on themselves. Sadly, incontinence is ignored because most people think it is normal for elderly people to urinate on themselves.

Incontinence is manageable and treatable. You only need to visit a doctor to learn how to manage it.


Though mutism is not common in many homes, it is common in elderly. Some people confuse this condition with depression. It is important to distinguish the two since treatment and management are different. It is a neuropsychological condition and can lead to other diseases such as Alzheimer and many psychological conditions. It is a disorder of being speechless. Mutism may be acquired or congenital. It is therefore important to understand the condition, how it was acquired and how it can be treated.


In a person’s life, the process of borne-formation and borne-loss is continuous. But once a person reaches 30 years, many changes start to happen. For instance, the borne-formation becomes less than born-loss. This condition is known as osteoporosis. This condition becomes worse when a person is over 65 years. Individuals with osteoporosis are likely to suffer fractures. Seeking treatment is very important.

Common Illness of the Elderly


We all know pneumonia is a disease of the lungs. It is when the lungs cannot perform their functions properly. Pneumonia is an attack of the lungs by viruses, fungi or bacteria. Once the lungs are attacked, the affected area swells with more blood to try to resist invading elements. The wet tissues overwork the system leading to breathing problems.

Weight loss

Another common type of illness elderly people encounter is weight-loss. This normally happens due to several body organs not working properly. It can also lead to several complications. Your metabolism slows, affect sexuality and the digestive system is also affected. The best solution is eating healthy proteins and engaging in workouts.

Vision and eye diseases

Most elderly people suffer from several eye problem that includes macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. For prevention and treatment, proper diagnosis is important.

Aging eyes require a lot of care, but most people ignore it. Apart from food, and treatment, a safe environment is very important.

How to take care of the aging illnesses

Taking of an elderly person is not a simple task especially if he or she is suffering from any of the above conditions. Some of the best decisions is placing him or her under home-care or taking him to a nursing home. Even though it is not a simple task, consultations with other family are crucial. Keep in mind you want the best for your elderly. There are medical needs and physical needs as well.

Most nursing homes are safe, clean, and staffed by professionals who are responsible and dedicated to their duties. However, it is important to understand your loved one condition to ensure you choose the best for him or her.

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