Singapore Elderly Care

Our cherished family members have different needs as they get older and Singapore can offer your family many different options when it comes to caring for your loved ones. Home care for the elderly is a great way to make sure that your loved ones are being looked after, and all their needs are met. Many times we don't want to admit that our parents are not the strong people that kept us safe when we were growing up, and nonconforming their age can be a little difficult. Seeing that they are changing is the first step in making sure that as they age, they will get the care and attention that they need.

Singapore Elderly Care

In Home Assistance

The best way for your parent to be happy and active is for them to maintain their independence for as long as possible. We can fall into the trap of thinking that our loved ones have to be 100% independent, or in a rest home.

In reality there are many services that can help your parents stay in their home, and as active as possible.

There are many services like:

· Home Visit Nursing
· Daytime Assistant
· Healthy Meal Delivery
· Housekeeping
· Hygiene Assistant
· Live In Assistant
· Senior Activities / Friendship Connection
· Senior Day Center
What is vitally important to understand is that when a elderly person is able to maintain an active lifestyle, their health will be much better overall and generally they are happier as well. Let's have a look as some of these options, and see how they can really be of assistance to a family who has a older person they love.

Home Visit Nursing

There are many services for your favorite senior that will make them much happier in their own home, even if their health is not perfect. By hiring a visiting nurse, your senior will have an extra hand monitoring their health, and making sure that they are getting all of the medicine and care they need. One of the biggest problems with aging, is that small problems can become very serious in a time frame that most people have a hard time understanding. A geriatric nurse will have a lot of experience, and will have no qualms about getting a doctor involved if they see warming signs.

Things a Visiting Nurse Can Do:

· Administer Medicine
· Monitor Health
· Treat Diabetes
· Injections
· Colostomy Care
· Assess Medical Needs
You will not need to have a nurse around your senior all the time, even if their health is less than perfect. For most people a visit from a nurse a few times a week is more than enough.

Singapore Elderly Care

Daytime Assistant / Meal Delivery

A person whose health isn't perfect can still live at home and maintain a normal life if they have a little bit of help around the home. There are home care services in Singapore that can make sure that an older person is getting good food every day, and that there is someone there to take care of all the little things that make their life worthwhile. Having a nice younger person to run errands, or make sure they get to their appointments can be a real help, and while it seems like a small thing, it can really make their lives a lot better.

Things a Daytime Assistant can do:

· Make sure food is delivered and monitor eating habits.
· Run errands for their client.
· Help out with personal hygiene.
· Do housekeeping, or make sure it gets done correctly.
· Escort their client to appointments.
· Interface with doctors and nurses on clients behalf.
You can think of a daytime assistant as the person who is going to make sure that things are running smoothly day to day. Instead of having to check-up on your parent every day, you can be at ease, and know that there is a nice person who cares about the heath and well being of your loved one at their side.

Live-In Assistant
If your loved one needs care around the clock, or has mobility issues, a live-in assistant could be a great way to make sure they are getting the care they need . A live-in assistant is there all the time, and would extend all of the services that a daytime assistant provides. This is a really optimal arrangement for a senior who doesn't need the care that a rest home offers, but still needs help to live their life at home. Maintaining independence is a very healthy thing for an elderly person to do, and being in a place they feels like their home is a wonderful part of their life.

Singapore Supports Seniors

In order for a person to be happy, they need to be around others and have positive social interactions. So just because your parent is getting their biological needs met at home, there are still other things to consider. Senior day facilitates are a great option for keeping active, and making sure that old age doesn't mean loneliness. In addition to half and full day programs a really great service that Singaporeans have befriending, which makes sure that older people can have good friends to spend time with.

Singapore Elderly Care

Having an assistant can come in handy if an older person wants to get around, and make to most of their social time.

What a Day Care Facility Provides:

· Communication
· Emotional Well being
· Peer Bonding
· Physical Activity
· A Change In Pace
· A Safe Environment

Encouraging your elderly family member to get out and be with other people is a good idea, and it will help them to stay active. Being mentally engaged is an important part of maintaining health, and being social can help them to be satisfied. The physical activity that the senior centers have is given in a controlled environment, and will give your family member to tools to keep their body up. Doing things in a group setting can be a really effective way to motivate a stubborn person, and being active will help someone feel better about themselves.

Home Care In Singapore

There are many good options for elderly care in Singapore, and when you start to look make sure that the service you choose is established and professional. They should have an accredited staff, and be known to the other senior service providers.

Keeping your family member in their home for as long as possible is a smart move, and with the right support services it can be easy and flow smoothly. Putting you lived one in a care facility should be looked at as a last resort, and only considered after all the other options have been exhausted.

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