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We were very impressed with the knowledge and experience of Elderly Home Care. They know what they are doing and they took good care of my Dad. Thank you once again!
Adrian Wong (Punggol)
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Specialising in Elderly home care services in Singapore

Elderlyhomecare.com.sg - Specialising in Elderly home care services in Singapore. Still looking for Reliable elderly home care services? Need help preparing meals and light groceries? Want someone to do basic housekeeping or simply a companion?

Elderlyhomecare.com.sg - Your one stop solution for all types of Elderly home care service
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Elderlyhomecare.com.sg - Singapore's Leading elderly home care Services

 Singapore's Leading elderly home care services

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Need someone for companion for the elderly?
Elderlyhomecare.com.sg - Why Choose us as your elderly home care Services?
Reasons to choose us as your Elderly Home Care provider

The choice of any elderly person to leave their home that they have become attached to for the many years is not an easy one. It is equally a harder choice for children and relatives to decide to have their aging parents and grandparents go to an elderly care home. There is often that feeling that when they let an elderly go to a care home, they are simply neglecting them because they are old!

However, in most cases, the persons living with the elderly person lacks the skills to live with an elderly person, more so, where the elderly suffers a certain disability or condition. In addition, the elderly finds it difficult to take care of their home and personal care.

This is where we come in, we provide an alternative to persons who wish to care for the elderly but do it at home. We provide a variety of home care services for the elderly with the option of choosing care of a few hours or live-in-care. As opposed to the hourly basis care, the live-in-care provides a 24- hour care in the seniors own home.

Foremost, we are an ideal choice because we give our clients total freedom. We understand that letting a stranger into your home may be stressful, we start by letting the elderly client personally select their preferred caregiver among our team of staff. Any preferred person such as their relative may also assist in the selection process. This gives them the freedom to make certain choices on the caregiver or the nurse such as their gender and age group. We also provide the option for our clients to select one or two caregivers.

However, in instances where the client suffers a medical condition such as dementia, we highly recommend that they select a caregiver and one of our professional staff for helping them manage their condition. It is ideally easier to deal with two persons from the same organization.

Once they have selected the caregivers, we give them the freedom to come up with a job description for the caregiver. Such details will include duties and responsibilities and information on working hours. Most importantly, we understand that many seniors with incontinence problems may feel embarrassed. We have therefore ensured that our team provides compassionate help and strive to maintain the client’s dignity and self- esteem as much as possible.

In addition, the elderly gets to select a back- up caregiver or other staff who shall be the caregiver in instances where the primary caregiver cannot work. We, however, guarantee that such instances are minimal. In instances where the client develops resistance to the selected caregiver or the nursing care provider, we help them make a replacement as quick as possible. Sometimes the cause for elders to develop resistance could be emotional imbalance and thus we help ensure that the client is back to normal once more.

In line with our mission to provide the elderly with better life quality, we have put together a team of kind- hearted, polite and friendly staff that is drawn from various disciplines. Moreover, our team is composed of professionals and includes professional caregivers, doctors, therapists, physiotherapists, and nurses. Our integrated services mean that the seniors need not visit other homes from time to time to access certain care services or hire other new persons for their care.

Our basic care services include meals delivery. Here, we provide a choice of tasty and nutritious meals that are prepared by professionals in cooking for the elderly. Where the client would wish to make their own meals, our staff helps them with meal preparation. In addition, we provide home and personal care services that include bathing the elderly where they cannot bathe by themselves, doing their laundry, combing their hair, shaving and dressing them.
Our caregivers are also specially trained in providing transferring and positioning services that include moving the seniors from the bed to the wheelchair or to toilets.

Our wide experience in the provision of elderly home care has made us appreciate the big role communication and companionship plays in an elderly person’s life. As an added advantage, therefore, our staff is trained on having conversations with seniors and generally keeping them entertained.

Moreover, our care home not only provides personal care for the elderly, but also provides nursing care. This means that we not only feed, bathe, but we are an ideal choice for home nursing care for seniors. Our home nursing care service helps in the administration of medication, changing of feeding tubes, removal of stitches; wound care, injections among other nursing services. Our team is able to work with the senior’s personal doctor to ensure that the senior is receiving the care according to their diagnosed condition.

As mentioned earlier, we are comprised of a large team of professional. One special nursing care worth mentioning is with regard to seniors in need of therapy care. We pride of the best physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The home therapy services include exercises aimed at improving the performance of basic activities such as bathing and walking.

Moreover, where the client needs a regular checkup in hospitals, we ensure to provide them with transportation while being accompanied by one of our staff. The means of transportation will depend on our contract details; that is, whether to use family car or our means.

To ensure the most intimate and smooth relationship between the client and our staff, we have made it our policy to assign each elderly a specific member who shall be the main care giver. The benefit of this arrangement is that the staff gets to understand the client best, therefore, know his or her inner likes and silent needs. More so, we have realized that the elderly do not like being handled by different persons at the same time.

Seniors do indeed deserve to feel happy and have fun. We have therefore ensured that recreational activities of their wish are incorporated into their everyday schedule. Our recreational service options involve accompanying the client for shopping, picking up mails at the postal office and even accompanying them to their favorite sports events. Furthermore, laughter is the best medicine.

Another top reason to choose us is that, unlike most elderly home care providers in Singapore, we provide our quality services even on Saturdays. This makes it ideal for relatives who work even on Saturdays. Furthermore, elderly persons with certain conditions need constant care and therefore even a one-day break could mean a lot.

Finally, you can never go wrong in choosing us for your elderly care services because we are an accredited elderly home care provider. Accreditation means that we have not only been tested and verified for the provision of quality elder home care services, but also, in the event of any breach of our obligations, you have recourse with a recognized organization.
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We Are Specialists in Elderly home care, elderly companionship, meal & grooming, basic housekeeping & medication reminders

We Are Specialists in Elderly home care, elderly companionship, meal & grooming, basic housekeeping & medication reminders

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