Elderly Home Care Services In Singapore

Elderly home care is appropriate for individuals that are older but who still want to remain independent and in their home. There are many people who, though they are older in age, would much rather stay in their house then move into a nursing home or in with someone else. Such individuals treasure their independence and want to keep it at all cost. Unfortunately, often this is not possible unless a person gets home help from an organization trained to provide this type of care. Home care companies will handle those duties that younger, non-disabled individuals often take for granted. Below, you will get a listing of regularly performed tasks.

Elderly Home Care Services


Most home care company aides will do some variety of light cooking. Exactly what this amounts to will depends on the particular organization. Cooking is one task that some older people may have trouble performing. This might be because it's too taxing physically or too dangerous.

Light cleaning
Light cleaning is another crucial duty of such organizations. Keeping a clean home is important to the health of the homeowner. A house that is not cleaned regularly, or, then again completely, because an elderly individual is not exactly ready to deal with the errand, can turn into danger. They may trek and fall over things not got and potentially break a bone. A broken bone is not much of a physical hazard to a person that is young and spry. It can, however, spell disaster for an older adult. Rodents, ants, and roaches can also become a problem when a home is not properly cleaned. It's unsanitary for anyone and especially older individuals, to live in a home infested with such creatures, which is why cleaning is such an important duty performed by home health companies.

Prescription pick-up:

Many elderly individuals have been prescribed the medication by their physicians. Medications are given to treat a variety of ailments, some very serious. If a person does not receive their medication, they are physically at risk. However, the problem with elderly individuals is that some are no longer able to drive. Thus they are unable to pick up their prescriptions on their own. A home health aide will go, pick them up and deliver them to the senior under their care.

Bathing and dressing:

Bathing and getting dressed can be tricky for some older individuals. In fact, it can be out-right dangerous. It is easy to slip in the bathtub or shower, especially for someone who isn't very strong and sure on their feet. A slip and fall could prove to be disastrous, even deadly. Having someone help with bathing and getting dressed can be quite helpful. Home care service workers will help bath and dress the persons in their care.

Elderly Home Care Services

How to Choose Home Care Services for the seniors in Singapore?

In the very first instance, the idea of a complete stranger looking after your elderly parents might not sound much convincing but sometimes this is the best that you can do. A personal home care service offers everything right from medical care, personal care and home care to the elderly and senior members of your family apart from providing them all the emotional and social support that they are craving for. If you have elderly people in your house who need some additional care and attention then you can consider hiring a personal home care service. Here are a few things that you should consider:

Match your requirements with the services

First and foremost, consider the needs of the elderly members of the family and prepare a checklist of all the items they might need throughout the day. Make it easier for the home care agency by giving them an idea of a typical day of the patient starting from the time they wake up until the time to go to bed. Include everything right from when they prefer to take their means and naps to when they are supposed to take their medicines.

Do they provide transportation facility?

Find out whether the home care service you are choosing for the elderly in your family provides a transportation facility like escorting the patient to doctor's appointment or to social activities. Enquire them about the mode of transportation they will be using. If they will provide their own vehicle for transportation purposes make sure that their insurance policy is up-to-date. Public transportation, however, seems to be the safest option in such a situation.

Minimum number of hours per day

How many hours of service will you require per day? Prepare a list if the services you will need per day and the number of hours you would like to assign for each of these. You can choose from the 24-hour service, regular service for a few hours and emergency services. You can always adjust the hours after first few weeks to meet the requirements of your loved ones.

Elderly Home Care Services

Get recommendations from friends and family

Your friends and relatives will recommend good home care company or individuals who can provide excellent services. In addition, the Internet is now making it easy for people to do research on anything, including this type of service.

Arrange a meeting and ask them questions

This will allow you to determine if you are comfortable with them as well as if they can provide services that can meet your expectations. The best services are designed to provide persons with individualized care and have caregivers who are true companions, compassionate and kind.

Additional requirements

Find out how they plan to manage the health care and medications of the senior members of your family. A skilled caregiver should be able to offer comprehensive care services including everything from managing the medications to assisting in the daily chores. This should also include fixing appointments with the doctors, check blood pressure, shop groceries and other necessary services.


Singapore Home Care provides caring and quality home care services in Singapore. Visit our website to learn more about us and how we can help you in extending the life of your elderly ones. Link us on Elderlyhomecare.com.sg

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