Taking Care of Elderly With Dementia

What is dementia? It's a brain disorder. The brain begins to deteriorate slowly. Mainly the old people are affected by this disease. Symptoms are changes in memory, personality, and behavior that result from a change in brain function. As the name of the disease dementia which means "deprived of the mind" works the loss of brain cells.

Elderly with dementia

The patient with dementia often asks the same question several times, loses familiarity with his environment; greater difficulty following the direction; they cannot control time, people and places; there is a change in the personality and emotion of the patient; Loss of memory and neglect of personal care. The symptoms vary in each patient with dementia. All signs can also progress at different speeds in different patients.

A patient with dementia must be treated since it is an irreversible disease, the patient must be handled with great care. Many hospitals and health centers offer services to treat patients with dementia. Care for people with dementia is a well-known dementia care center. Dementia Shaw provides homes for patients with dementia and promotes a complete and active lifestyle for each patient with dementia.

Reasons why dementia mostly affects the elderly

People over 60 are more susceptible to dementia disease, but it is also possible that younger people suffer from it. The older, the older one becomes, the more likely it is to contract the disease. In fact, approximately 5% of people over 65 and under 74 have dementia, and this statistic increases significantly for those who are 85 years old. Although the disease is common, it is not natural.

Scientists believe that there may be more than one cause of the disease and that it doesn't have the related effect on different people. While age is an essential factor that exposes you to dementia, genetics may also be involved. Research shows that family history could affect whether a person will acquire the disease in old age.

Services offered in an Elderly Home for people with Dementia and Alzheimer.

Certified home care providers can live in a retirement home to provide services 24 hours a day or provide some hours per week of services. The advantage of contracting 24-hour home care for seniors is full-time insurance and peace of mind for senior clients and their loved ones. Caregivers provide various types of services, such as care for Alzheimer's and Dementia care, homemaking services, errand and transportation, companion care, personal care, and medication reminders.

Elderly with dementia

Caring for the elderly with dementia and Alzheimer

It is the hope that every adult will age comfortably and safely in their own home, and that includes even those who have dementia. With home care for the elderly, even people with Alzheimer's disease can stay at home safely and comfortably. Be sure to hire caregivers who have received training and experience in providing home care for patients with Alzheimer's disease. Some of the services they should be able to offer are:

Assist in communication:
Assist with personal hygiene or dressing. Ensure home security by taking steps that can help avoid driving or wandering. Provide a plan for healthy meals for healthier eating habits Provide respite care to the patient's relatives.

Personal care:
This is to provide help for personal hygiene, nail care, hairdressing, dressing or makeup. Good caregivers are those who consider the best interests of seniors as their top priority.

Tube feeding:
What the weaker and older people with dementia need is proper nutrition for their bodies to heal quickly and flow to prevent dehydration. Therefore, when they are too ill to eat or drink, they must be fed through the G tube to ensure that their body receives enough nutrition. Caregivers often do so under the supervision and training of registered nurses.

Companion care:
Companion care is the crucial concerns home care for elderly with dementia is to provide the person with them with a strong sense of belonging. By manifesting sympathy, compassion, and interest in the life and environment of the elderly, a caregiver often creates a lifelong bond with him. As a result, the senior is happy to do the simple things of life, such as playing a board game, going for a walk, reading or visiting friends or neighbors.

Message and transport:
Mobility is often a concern for the elderly. However, this should not be the case because there are caregivers who can accompany your loved one to a doctor's appointment, a local sporting event, a shopping excursion, and family reunions. That will assure your loved one of having someone he can count on during his absence. Caregivers monitor and maintain the schedules of their clients to ensure that no essential appointments are missed. Also, they can also shop for him.

Home Making Services:
Home Making type of service includes everything that needs to be done in the administration and maintenance of the home, such as laundry, garbage disposal, utility checks, watering indoor plants, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.

Elderly with dementia

Searching a home taking care of elderly with dementia

If you do not have enough time or are looking for professionals to take care of someone in your family who is suffering from assisted living, then you need to look for a home with dementia, which is well equipped with the latest amenities and other features. Also, choose the remote driving center of your home so that you can go there and meet the person frequently.

In fact, it worsens aging and reduces the life expectancy of those affected. The disease worsens aging and reduces the life expectancy of the people it affects.

When choosing care providers for your loved ones, it is advisable to check some things, including the cost. There are several houses available, but not all are authentic and cheap. Search online for valid and medically approved centers in your area. Therefore, do not let your loved ones die due to proper care. Start searching online now and find one that meets your needs.


The above services are just some of the aspects of home care for older dementia patients. Whatever the type of service, your loved one must depend mainly on his condition. Therefore, it is essential that you determine your specific needs before contacting a caregiver to work with one.

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