The Dos and Don'ts When Taking Care Of An Elderly

Both body and mind become fragile with age. The anger, confusion, depression, sadness, and fear associated with old age cause aggressive and negative behavior. The condition becomes worse with mental and physical illness. The diseases and behavioral changes make them unacceptable in their families. Elderly members have become a burden for many modern families. The feeling of being a burden makes elderly people more frustrated and isolated.

Taking Care of Elderly

It is not difficult to handle your elderly parents with a positive approach. If you love them, you need to spend time with them to bring a smile to their face. This is the age when they need the support, care, and love of their families most. Can you imagine your childhood without your parents? Can you leave your younger children alone? The answer might be no. Then how can you leave your parents isolated? You can give them the best life with some few changes in your approach. They do not want much. They only want your love, care, and respect. Here are some dos and don’ts you can follow to handle your elderly family parents.


Focus on their basic needs

Your parents like your kids at their old age. In some cases, they become very demanding. You need to develop a proper understanding to deal with their changing mood. Also, you need to take care of their basic needs. At this age, they will need digestive-friendly food. You should inspire them to focus on their physical activities and hygiene. They should follow a disciplined life to stay healthy and happy. If they are suffering from any chronic illness, make sure that they are regular about medicines.

Listen to them

You should not ignore your parents. They want to be heard. In most cases, the young members of a family avoid elderly members. It hurts them badly. They feel isolated and ignored. You should make it a point to spend time with them regardless of your busy schedule. You can call them from your workplace in your free time. It will bring a smile to their place. In brief, you need to make them realize that he is an integral part of your family.

Support them with assistive devices

It is natural to have a hearing, walking, and eye problems in an old age. If your parents are suffering from any of these, you can buy assistive devices to make life easier for them. Just imagine how they will spend their time if they are unable to walk and hear. They will feel more depressed.

Taking Care of Elderly

Plan outings with them

Have you ever planned an outing with your elderly parent? If not, then you can plan now. You should give them some family time. They will feel good and enjoy the company of each and every family member.

Make a safe place

When you have elderly parents at home, you need to take extra caution to ensure their safety. You can remove all the hazard things around your home. Elderly people are prone to accidents. More importantly, the cure will take longer than your expectation. Therefore, it is important to avoid such a situation.

Find an entertaining source

Just imagine how you will react when you have nothing to do. Negative thoughts will enter your mind and cause depression after a period of time. Make sure that they have some entertainment source to ease boredom. They can watch TV, listen to music, play with younger kids, and walk in your landscape.

Make them technology-friendly

You can use their free mind in the best possible way by introducing new technologies. They will love spending time on computers. They can communicate with remote relatives and friends. You will find some phones and computers specially designed for senior citizens.

Involve them in the decision-making process

You should not assume you can plan best for your elderly parents. Before taking a decision, you should talk to them. It is not about their health and current condition. You can also involve them in other decision-making processes. They will feel happy. Their experience will also benefit you.

Identify the cause of negative behavior

There are many causes of an aggressive behavior. It might be some disease or isolation. You need to find out the cause to get the right solution.

Taking Care of Elderly


Don’t treat them like a burden

This is the worst thing to happen to your aging parents. Old age makes them very sensitive and highly dependable. You can imagine your mental condition when your kids would no longer be interested to make you a part of their family.

Don’t leave then in nursing homes

You should not leave your parents in nursing homes. They do not deserve to stay in a nursing home in the last phase of their life. They need your love, care, and time in the same way as they were offering you in your childhood.

Don’t get frustrated

Some diseases bring both short-term and long-term memory loss. If they forget the things, you should understand that it is due to disease. They cannot help it. You need to be supportive instead of showing your frustration and anger.

Don’t skip an appointment

Elderly people need more care. If they are suffering from any disease, you should not skip an appointment. They need to be monitored very closely and regularly.

Don’t think depression is normal

Depression is not a normal condition related to old age. Being upset once in a while is normal. But if you find them sad all the time, you need to find out the cause. You need to offer more care and love to fill their life with joy and happiness.

Do not invade their space

You should not invade their space completely if they are capable of taking care of their own needs. They need your love and care. But at the same time, they will appreciate their privacy.


Your aging parents do not ask for much. They only want you to care for them in a manner they deserve. If you give time to listen to them and to communicate with them, you will find it super easy to handle them.

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