Personal Senior Care in Singapore
Personal Senior Care in Singapore

Personal Senior Care in Singapore – As we age, we may feel our most significant challenges are behind us. We have raised our children, worked hard in our careers, and look forward to retirement. Retirement brings many joys to different people. We may look forward to the chance to pursue hobbies and spend more time with family. We can be on hand to help take care of grandchildren. Changing the pace of life, with fewer restrictions and responsibilities, can mean more travel and personal development.

At the same time, retirement can be the opportunity to slow down, be present, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Read on – Personal Senior Care in Singapore:

New Challenges

No matter how well we prepare for retirement, there can be unexpected challenges. We may develop mobility problems, and the general impact of age on the body can take its toll. Health issues can be a big concern as we get older. Those lucky to have family nearby can benefit from help with day-to-day tasks and errands. However, modern families are spread across more extensive areas and increasingly across the globe.

Care from family is only sometimes available or as consistent as we need it to be. We may require support with more personal aspects of care, where it is too much to ask of family. Our children may be raising their children, managing their careers and households in the busiest period of their life. The prospect of becoming a burden on the family as we get older often worries us.

Support at Home

Supporting elderly at home
Supporting elderly at home

We may have physical or medical needs and would benefit from professional help. This could be because of the personal nature of the help you need. More regular and consistent support is required than what your family can provide. Even when we are lucky enough to have care from family, they may not have the skills we need. Helping around the house with daily tasks and personal care can help us maintain our Independence long into our senior years.

Personal care at home can prevent the need to move house or into a care facility. Professional help can be the difference between a happy retirement and feeling burdensome. With professional carers, you can maintain the privacy and Independence you require while benefitting from their experience and high standard of care.

A professional carer can provide all the following services:

assisting elderly for daily hygiene
assisting elderly for daily hygiene
Bathing, Showering, and General Cleanliness

Moving around the bathroom can be hazardous, with mobility problems. A steady pair of hands is needed to feel comfortable bathing or showering. A carer can also use lifting equipment to help you safely in and out of the bath. They can support the use of standing and walking aids. With the help of a carer and specialized equipment, you can continue completing those small daily tasks.

Maintaining our daily routines is essential to our identity as we age. Having clean hair and teeth and feeling fresh keeps us like ourselves and is necessary for mental and physical health. A carer can also apply creams, dressings, and compression garments to alleviate medical conditions.

Personal Care

General aging can mean we need products and assistance to help with personal hygiene and managing varying continence levels. Matters of continence are unique to individuals. With the proper support, incontinence does not have to be a barrier to living a fulfilled life in retirement. A carer can provide the discrete support needed with a level of experience and professionalism that helps people feel comfortable and safe. A carer trained to offer high-quality personal care for continence issues will use empowering care methods to maintain dignity and Independence.

Promoting Independence

The reality of how physically challenging looking after a home can be only something we realize when tasks start to seem more demanding. Moving our bodies and maintaining our mobility is a priority as we age. If we begin to lose balance and strength, the thought of falling can always be at the forefront of our minds.

Maintaining confidence in our bodies can be almost as important as maintaining the physical side. Sometimes, just the presence of another person while we move around our homes, can be enough to keep us pushing for longer. The carer can assist with moving around only when needed but giving the peace of mind and encouragement needed to keep going.

Mobility And Task Assistance

Moving heavy shopping bags, pushing around the vacuum, or tying shoelaces seem straightforward. However, these everyday tasks can all become more complicated. A carer can help with all the little tasks that help your day go more smoothly with less strain on the body. Always happy to help with cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the home, a carer can turn their hand to various tasks. Keeping the house clean and tidy can support mental and physical health as we age. A clean and safe environment can make remaining mobile and your home more accessible.

Why You Need a Personal Care Provider

  • Reduce the workload for your family
  • Fully insured and background-checked staff
  • All staff trained to a high standard in personal and continence care
  • The reliable and trusted staff
  • Excellent customer reviews and long-term happy customers
  • Remain in your own home
  • Tailored support packages to suit all budgets
  • Ongoing studies and commitment to personalized care

Personal Senior Care in Singapore – Conclusion

Personal Senior Care in Singapore - Conclusion
Personal Senior Care in Singapore

Is living independently a priority for you? Looking for alternatives to nursing home care? Are you feeling overwhelmed managing day-to-day tasks on your own? Are you concerned that your family struggles to meet your current or future personal care needs? Do you require discrete support with personal hygiene to feel at your best every day? Do you have a loved one who would benefit from a friendly helping hand getting around?

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