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In this generation where people are focused more on their careers and improving the living standards of their families, taking care of the elderly is not a simple task. It is challenging and quite involving, more so for a person who is working. A lot of people take the elderly to nursing homes where they are taken care of. However, this usually comes with its own set of challenges because it may make the elderly person feel like his or her family members do not care about them and prefer to have them kept at the nursing home instead of their actual home.

This is why home care is quite convenient and more preferred by these senior persons and their relatives. Home care involves having the elderly person being taken care of in their own home as they go about their daily activities. At Elderly Home Care, we believe in making our clients as comfortable as they should be although their age may cause some challenges in achieving this.

We offer a range of elderly home care services to our clients which entail different job descriptions.

Below are the two of them;

• Day care. This first one includes a caregiver coming in to be with the elderly person for a few hours during the day while their relatives are busy. They keep them company and assist them in doing anything that they may have difficulty in doing.

• Live-in-care. Alternatively, there is the option of having a caregiver at the home throughout, both day and night. This is mostly preferred for senior persons who live alone and do not have anyone taking care of them most of the time. The convenience with this is that there is always someone around and in case of any emergencies, the elderly person is promptly assisted.

We believe that we are the crème de la crème of all home care service providers in Singapore as we put all our effort into ensuring that our clients receive only but the best.

We have several employees within our company who are well qualified and trained in their different areas of expertise. We have a team of medical staff which is designated with the duty of providing top notch medical care to the aged. They are just the same doctors and nurses you will find in the hospital but they are more conversant with caring for the aging. To save on time and energy, we normally suggest that as our client picks a caregiver, they also have a team of medics that will work with them on their health instead of making several trips to the hospital. In case they suffer from any strokes or medical conditions that need physiotherapy, we have staff that is trained for that as well.

Furthermore, to promote comfort, we recommend that our clients get to choose their care givers on their own. We just give them a list of our caregivers and they interview them and cherry pick the one they think is best suited to take care of them. They can also involve other relatives in this selection process to help them in making the decision. The logic behind this is sometimes, the elderly person does not like the caregiver chosen for them and they become quite depressed and rebellious which slows them down. We want our clients to be happy and satisfied with whoever they are dealing with and consider them more of friends than someone paid to take care of them.

At Elderly Home Care, we do not discriminate against any service that our client wishes to receive. We understand how difficult it can be for the elderly person to do certain things on their own and that is why our caregivers are prepared to assist them in everything. This also depends on the person as there are clients that like doing some things on their own so that they do not feel completely useless.

Our caregivers help in preparing meals, doing laundry, house cleaning, toileting, bathing, dressing and any kind of grooming. They also assist in movement such as walking and transfer to wheelchairs especially for clients whose movement is limited due to old age or medical problems. To cheer up our clients, we also engage them in recreational activities such as shopping, taking them for walks or to their favorite parks. We also watch movies with them and read stories for them.

At Elderly Home Care, it is our number one priority to maintain a good rapport with our clients. For those who choose day care services, we have caregivers who come to take care of the elderly over the weekends. We understand that some of their relatives may be working during this time and would not wish to inconvenience them by having them leave work to take care of their elderly relative. Additionally, if any our caregivers is unavailable for any specific reason, we always have a substitute caregiver that fills in for them. However, this is not to say that these situations are common but we just do this for emergency cases.

Our prices are quite affordable and fair to our clients. Of course this will vary depending on the type of services and activities expected from our staff. We offer several payment options and since we understand that it can be quite costly to pay for everything at once, we allow our clients to pay in installments.

We are certified and licensed to offer elderly home care services as we have fulfilled all the requirements needed. We also have insurance to cover for any emerging problems. This shows how determined we are at giving only but the best services and at the same time, adhering to all the laws in Singapore just like any company should.

If you ask around or check from the reviews on our website, you will discover that we provide exemplary services that most of our clients appreciate. They will definitely recommend you to us for the best elderly home care service.

We are there to make your life easier by taking care of the elderly for you. We assure you that if you chose us, you will not be disappointed as we definitely deliver on our promises. Allow your elderly relative, be it your mother, father, husband or wife age in peace so that they can enjoy their days on earth.

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