Understanding The Elderly Homes

Elderly homes play a major role when it comes to increasing the life expectancy of a society. Elderly homes provide the companionship, socialization, medication and care which is of much importance when a person gets old. Having well managed elderly homes in a country is very necessary and basic need to the society. Elderly homes have increased in number in the recent years in Singapore due to the realization of the role they play in the society. Singapore is proud of some of the well managed and equipped elderly homes in the world.  While there is care giving from family members, it can sometimes be very tedious to family members who are also trying to meet their own needs. Elderly homes will allow family members to have a peace of mind knowing that one of their family members is well taken care of. Elders require some specialized care which might not be a challenge if they are at home. The care that is received in elderly homes is given by well-trained staff who know the exact services to give and the right time to give it. Because of the need for specialized staff, elderly homes are forced to employ nurses and staff who understand everything about the elderly.

Elderly Homes

There are certain benefits that come with taking your loved ones to the elderly homes as opposed to taking care of them by yourself. some of the benefits are:

Personalized care.

The people taking care of your loved ones handle one and only one duty, to take care of him/her. They are well trained to make sure that your loved ones are very comfortable and receive everything they require. A complete attention is given to your loved ones as compared to if your loved one was taken care of at home.

Peace of mind.

Since elderly homes employ professional staff, there is a feeling of being comfortable with the person taking care of one of your family members. You will not get worried wondering how he/she feels and if she is comfortable.


Elderly people will benefit from socialization when in elderly homes than when with family members. In elderly homes, there are other elderly people who offer companionship. There is also the socialization that comes from the staff in the homes. Socialization plays a major factor in the elderly being comfortable.

The quality of life.

Most elderly homes in Singapore offer a very good quality of life as they are well equipped with facilities to make a person comfortable as possible. The caregivers in the homes are also trained to anticipate what the elders might need and sort the problem.

Saves time.

Home care consumes a lot of time if the family members decide to take care of their loved ones by themselves. Juggling your personal time and taking care of your elderly loved ones might be a very big challenge.

Elderly Homes


Choosing an elderly home can be a very difficult decision for a person considering you are accepting that you will be away from your loved one. It, however, comes with so many advantages. What are some of the factors that a person needs to consider before settling on a particular elderly home?

Certification and licensing.

It is always important to take your loved one to an elderly home you are sure is certified and licensed to carry out the services of caring for the elderly. The facility must have qualified personnel to take care of any emergency that might arise during your loved one stay there.


Where the elderly home is located is also an important factor to consider as you want to be a regular visitor. As much as your loved one is at the elderly home, frequent visiting is important to show love to him or her.

State of the facility.

You want to take your loved one in a facility that is well equipped, well lit and has everything your loved one will require. A poor facility might come with a lot of stress which is not encouraged at that age.


Different elderly homes charge different amount of fees to take care of your loved ones. Depending on your budget and what you need for your loved one, the cost is a factor which must be considered before settling on the facility. The services these homes offer will also affect the cost they charge hence balancing between your budget and comfort is important.


This is one of the most important factor considering it affects the service that your loved one will receive. An elderly home you choose should have professional staff who are conversant with handling the elderly and understand their needs. There should also be a physician who frequently visits the facility to monitor the health status of the elders.

Elderly Homes


Elderly homes will offer comprehensive services to the occupants. Some of the services you can expect to get in most elderly homes in Singapore are:


Your loved one will be provided with a bed and boarding facilities to facilitate his or her staying in the home.


Elderly homes will offer health care to your loved one by monitoring the medication and offering treatment whenever there is a sickness.

Personal care.

The professional staff who are in the homes are trained to take care of the elders by dressing them, bathing them and even offering toilet assistance for the ones who might need it.

Recreational activities.

Every home will have social and recreational activities to make it fun living there. There are activities which will create a good atmosphere for the elders.

24 hours emergency care.

There is always emergency care offered at any time of the day and night. This is because, at this age, your loved one is very prone to health related emergencies.

Elderly homes have helped a lot in the society. Understanding what the services they offer and the modality in which they run their business can make a person decide whether he or she would prefer taking care of the loved one by himself or going the elderly home route

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