Top 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Elderly Home Care

Elderly home care is a special service designed to provide the elderly with independence. They offer assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, taking medication and more. They also provide them with the best opportunities to socialize. While you might assume that elderly home care is like a nursing home, this is rarely the case. For many families who have to juggle the daily demands of home, work, and children caring for the elderly might be a big challenge.

Elderly Home Care

Here are some of the things you didn’t know about elderly home care.
· Elderly home care is not a nursing home

Elderly home care is not a nursing home. It’s a concept that was designed to help those who need a little assistance to live on their own instead of living in an institutional setting. The elderly people who cannot sit on their own, get out of bed or transport themselves are not recommended to be transported to the homes.

· What elderly home care provide

Since there is no universal definition of elderly home care, different communities can offer different kinds of services to their elderly. They normally offer less expensive approach towards delivering almost the same services that are usually available in the nursing homes. They do this by contracting home health agencies or personal care staff and other professionals who can help them. Not all elderly home care are the same some offer lighter care than others. It often depends on the kind of licensing that they have. Although they differ most of them offer
· Medication managements.
· Three meals a day.
· Social events.
· Housekeeping services.
· Wellness classes.
· Coordination’s with the residents among others.

· Costs are normally lower than you imagine

The national average monthly rate of an elderly home care is around $3500. This is almost half of what is charged by nursing homes. Some states, however, usually subsidize these costs depending on the kind of services that the elderly need. Some residents can also use private insurance to pay for the costs charged.

· You can always bring your pet

While elderly home care services have different policies, most of them allow the residents to bring in their pets. However, some communities carry out interviews to assist them determine whether the pets are the right ones to be kept. While some allow cats and dogs, others allow fish and birds into the home care communities. It’s, therefore, very important to contact your local community so as inquire about the kind of policies that they have.

Elderly Home Care

· They offer culturally diverse options

An increasing number of elderly home care communities are designed such that they can meet the unique religious, cultural, and dietary needs of the local communities. Some communities even offer a variety of cultural options to suit the different assisted persons living there. It’s even expected there is likely to be an increasing demand for niche retirement communities including the ones that offer golfing services.

· Offer special diet and nutrition services

For adults who have issues with their diet and nutrition, most elderly home care services can offer them help with these kinds of services. More so, some of their services may also include help during the recovery from illnesses, nutritional counselling and home cooked meals that can help them recover fast. Those is very important for those who cannot eat the normal meals.

· You might have to hire your own nurses, health care personal

Almost all elderly home care employ a limited number of staff during the night when most people are sleeping. Even during the day, the nurses that they employ are usually very busy with other activities that it will be very hard to pay individual attention to your loved one. If your loved one needs an extra care it might force you to employ a third party to provide them with the care that they need. This can include sitting up the whole night with them or handling certain issues that they might not be a position to handle on their own.

· Elderly home care is the most affordable option that you can have

For a veteran, elderly home care service is usually the most affordable options that you can have. It’s usually less than half the price of a nursing home depending on where you live. Some of the elderly may even qualify for insurance facilities depending on the kind of employments they were engaged in. This can help pay the whole of the amount or part of it depending on their needs.

Elderly Home Care

· Elderly home care encourages increased activities

Many people assume that home care services end at supporting the elderly in preparing their meals and washing their clothes. Most elderly home care encourages the elderly to engage in activities such as exercising, reading, and other hobbies that can help keep their minds sharp. This makes them feel better so that they are less at risk to be affected by depression.

· Elderly home care have a greater sense of independence

While many residents receive daily assistance, like bathing and getting dressed, they usually live alone and set their own schedules. As a resident, you are free to go out for walks, engage in any activity and leave the facility whenever you want. An elderly home care is a home hence residents are encouraged to try to live as if they are living at home. In fact, they can even invite the kind of company that they want to invite. They have a range of social options that residences can engage in but they never force them into doing anything.

· Elderly home care is not synonymous with nursing home

While many families think that they need a nursing home, their love ones may only require an elderly home care. Before settling for a nursing home, an elderly home care an assessment by a medical professional is usually very important. Remember, nursing homes require a full time nursing staff while elderly home care does not. More so, elderly home care is mobile and independent.

Final thoughts

Those are some of the things that you didn’t know about elderly home care. When all is said and done, there is no definite answer when it comes to choosing a nursing home or an elderly home care service. Each individual has different preferences hence the most important thing is to take care of those needs. You should, therefore, choose the best service for your loved one.

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