Types Of Elderly Home Care Services

Aging is a difficult process for both the person affected and the immediate family members. With old age comes challenges. The ability of an elderly person to perform activities of daily living becomes less each new dawn. With time, the elderly person becomes completely dependent on others to go on with life. This situation takes a toll on those giving care. In most circumstances, the care givers- children of the elderly person- are unable to render the needed help as they are overwhelmed. It is even worse where the elderly person develops medical conditions such as high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and dementia. Relatives of an elderly person with such medical conditions feel tormented and helpless. Watching a loved one age in such a painful way is mentally and emotionally draining. So how can elderly persons be supported in their old age phase? The best solution is using elderly home care services. This article examines why the elderly need home care services and types of elderly home care services.

Elderly Home Care Services

Why the elderly need home care services

Elderly persons become less inactive and energetic due to advanced age. Doing simple personal chores such as eating and bathing sounds like a nightmare to them. That is why they need expert elderly home care services since their loved ones are not capable of full time care-giving responsibilities. The most fundamental reasons why elderly persons need home care services are:

Assistance with personal hygiene

A lot of elderly people cannot take care of their bodies as they used to before. All their grooming tasks have to be aided by care providers. They need a care provider to assist them during bathing and dressing.


There are elderly people whose relatives and children live in other countries and only visit rarely. An elderly person who resides alone is likely to feel loneliness and more so if she or he lives alone. The elderly person is better off in with a skilled caregiver who offers companionship through daily interaction. A caregiver keeps the elderly person engaged by reading stories, encouraging them to sing and taking them for leisure walks. Through interaction with the care providers, the elderly person feels loved and derives a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Elderly Home Care Services

Mobility support

Limited movement ability is one of the challenges that elderly people experience. Many elderly people cannot move about on their own unless they are assisted by others. They need mobility support in their homes, in home care facilities or when going for medical checkups in hospitals. Care providers stationed in elderly home care centers and at homes enable the elderly persons to get in and out of bed, climb stairs and access recreational facilities such as restrooms.

Assistance with meals

Elderly persons lack the strength to prepare meals for themselves while others are unable to eat independently. They need to have people who can prepare meals on their behalf or deliver ready meals continuously. Elderly home care services can provide for either option.

Household chores

Elderly persons who reside in their own homes cannot go the market, do their own laundry, vacuum their houses or attend to their backyards and gardens. Elderly home care services provide skilled staff to ensure the elderly are able to have their clothes taken for dry cleaning, groceries replenished and the house cleaned often.

Medication management

Elderly persons may unwillingly forget to take their medical prescriptions which can affect their well-being. A care provider is crucial to enable the elderly complete their dosage.

Elderly Home Care Services

Types of elderly home care services

In home care services

In home care services are among the most popular senior care services provided by elderly home care agencies. All people including elderly persons have great sentimental attachment with respect to their homes. It is painful for elderly persons to leave homes in which they have resided for the greater part of their lives and go to assisted living facilities. This makes in home care services a viable alternative if elderly persons are reluctant to reside in assisted living facilities or homes for the elderly. These services enable elderly persons to continue living in their homes while receiving all the care they need. This arrangement is better as it is cheaper and allows an elderly person to have a degree of independence and still get to see and interact with loved ones on a regular basis. The elderly person is assisted in doing activities of daily living based on his or her needs. The care providers consult the elderly persons to know the activities that they can do and those they need assistance with.

Skilled nursing services

In home care services entails medical and nursing services but there are cases where elderly persons personalized nursing services. Some elderly home care agencies provide nursing services for very old persons in dire need of medical support. The nurses stay with the elderly persons full time as they observe and monitor their progress. Certified nurses are hired to provide for the medical needs of the elderly persons. The nurses help the elderly persons to recovery from surgery procedures performed, wounds and other medical conditions that come with old age.

Alzheimer and dementia care services

Also known as memory care services, dementia care services are nowadays part of elderly home care services. Most elderly persons are faced with memory impairment issues as old age catches up with them. Elderly persons with Alzheimer and dementia need round the clock care to ensure their safety. Although there are senior care centers exclusively reserved for elderly people with dementia, dementia services can still be administered from home. In a home setting, a dementia person is able to receive customized care in a familiar setting.

Finally, caring for elderly persons such as grandparents and parents can slow down your life if you do not have the right support. It is not easy to balance between giving care and your normal life routine. Obviously, your normal life routine suffers as you dedicate almost all the hours of your day to the elderly person. But you can ease the burden of care-giving by passing it on to reliable elderly home care services.

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